Children Indoor playground 

Your family will have a great time at Carmelina Beach Resort, we have the spaces are designed specifically for each member of the family. We understand the needs of customers, especially the little ones. It is not only parents who want to have their own private moment but our little angels also. That is the reason why we create the children playing area. With our team of well-experienced staffs, there are varied choice of toys in this amusement area, comics for children from 3 year-old to 12 year-old. The amusement area is located on the ground floor conference area and open daily from 8am to 10pm.


Children Outdoor playground

This place is where the baby is satisfied to play, romp and the closeness moment for your whole family. The outdoor playing area for children is not only good for your children’s health, energy but also for proactive skills and the necessary social skills.


Game Room

Open from 8am to 10pm.


Entertainment Room

Bring the whole family together and enjoy a new and exciting game room is a great place to unwind and have some fun.
Open from 8am to 10pm.



Painting Statue Area

Open from 8am to 9pm.
Price from 15,000vnd to 25,000vnd/object.