Calmly Spa

To fully enjoy at Carmelina Beach Resort, you possibly indulge yourself a service of the Spa for a while. Otherwise, you may pass by the small stone-bridge to cross the murmuring spring and enter the tranquil Spa area with relaxing massage services.
Coming to Calmly Spa you may feel a professional space, relaxation to eliminate stress, fatigue, sorrow, recharge and enjoy the sweet taste of life.
With exquisite design, cozy with music, melodious sound of the waves that mingle with flower or herbal essential oil scent of global leading skin care products that is combined with well-trained, skilled and professional masseurs will be dedicated to serve you for the first time at Calmly Spa.
Hours of Operation: 8am – 10pm.

Gym Room

Discover our extensive indoor and outdoor facilities to revitalize and energise you. We offer a complimentary fitness center for all our in-house guests to stay fit and healthy when you are on your vacation. From head to foot, heart to abs – our fully equipped fitness center with life fitness equipment has covered all your health needs.
Hours of Operation: 8am – 10pm.